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    Cold gas generator

    To reach temperatures between 85 and 250 Kelvin a cold nitrogen gas generator inserted in a standard liquid nitrogen vessel delivers a stream of nitrogen gas at 85K-125K (depending of the flow rate) at the tip of a vacuum isolated flexible tube. It runs with a stream of gas rather than liquid. It is vibration free and could be adapted in any Nitrogen vessel from 30 to 250 litres. Flow rate (typically): 0.4 m3/h at T ≤ 100 K with a gas pressure of 0.5 bar. Cooling power: 4 W at 100 K with a flow rate of 0.20 m3/h.
    • High efficiency heat exchanger made in annealed copper and gold plated for a best exchange between the liquid and gaseous phases.

    • Delivery tube of high flexibility allowing radius of curvature of 20cm.

    • Vacuum isolation

    • Radiation baffles

    • Electrical connector for level measurement (optional)

    Manufacturing :  AS SPECIAL DEVICES

    Lamps oven

    Versatile device for sample warm up from the room temperature to at least 1450°C. Consisting of two half elliptical shells in which the filament of the halogen lamp is in one of the focus and the sample in the other. The shells can be used alone or together to reach temperatures of 750°C or 1450°C respectively.
    • Maximum electrical power 800W.

    • 400W standard halogen lamp.

    • Air or water cooling depending of the working temperature.

    • Cooper made and fully gold plated.

    Manufacturing :  AS SPECIAL DEVICES

    Top Loading Hybrid Cryostat

    Specially conceived and constructed for X-Ray fluorescence measures,  this instrument allows a quick sample change and an accurate sample positioning. The sample chamber works with a Helium gas flow assuring a good thermalization and a precise temperature measurement of the sample. Useful for low thermal conductivity samples.
    • Temperature range: 2.3K to 250K (depending of the fluorescence window size).

    • Temperature stability: ΔT/T < 10-3 in the full range of temperature.

    • Cooling down: from room temperature to 4K in 7 minutes.

    • Angular positioning 0.02°.

    • Axial resolution 0.5µm.

    • Air-lock chamber.

    Design and Manufacturing :  AS SPECIAL DEVICES

    Helium Continuous Flow Cryostat

    Continuous flow cryostat for the cool down of remote samples.
    This instrument, fixed into a huge vacuum chamber of 8 m3, allows 5 freedom degrees for the positioning of the sample holder by the way of high efficiency thermal links.
    A careful cryogenic construction including, among others, several thermal screens and superisolation lets the sample reach a wide temperature range.

    • Temperature range: 5.6K to 250K.

    • Temperature stability: ΔT/T < 10-3 in the whole range of temperature.

    • Cool down time: from room temperature to 10 K in 10 minutes.

    Manufacturing :  AS SPECIAL DEVICES

    Nitrogen Continuous Flow Cryostat

    Nitrogen Continuous Flow Cryostat

    This very special instrument is used for fluorescence and diffraction measurements of biological frozen samples of a size between 3 mm and 50 m. They can be precisely positionned (by the way of a cryogenic sample holder) and measured by an X-Ray spot of 30 nm.
    The cryostat works with a continuous Nitrogen flow at 120K (provided by
    the cold gas generator) to guarantee a perfect heat exchange and prevent any damage of the sample.

    The spatial stability and positioning of the sample is better than 100 nm because of its smart design, a careful construction and the use of selected materials in which the differential expansion coefficient is about 10-2 m/K. A sorption pump let working in static vacuum and avoids any vibration source.

    • Temperature range: 90K to 250K.
    • Temperature stability: ΔT/T < 10-3in the whole range of temperature.

    • Cool down time: from room temperature to 100 K in 5 minutes.

    • Spatial stability 100 nm (between 120K and 150K).

    Manufacturing :  AS SPECIAL DEVICES

    Mini-Cryostat for Sample in Helium Flow

    Device for fluorescence measurements (XAS) of low thermal conductivity samples. The sample, hold in a tailored support, is under Helium flow to guarantee its temperature and avoid the damage produced by the beam.
    A special design of the measurement chamber allows a perfect vacuum seal by the way of a thin layer of vacuum grease on a conical surface, avoiding the use of expensive and complicated Indium or Gold seals.
    This cryostat is vibration free and can work in any spatial position.
    • Temperature range: 2.2K – 325K. (expected, tests in progress)
    • Temperature stability: ΔT/T < 2 x 10-3 in the whole range of temperature. (expected, tests in progress)
    • Helium consumption: 12.8 l/day at 2.2K, 7.1 l/day at 10K and 2.5 l/day at 100K. (expected, tests in progress)
    • Cool down time: from room temperature to 4K in 7 minutes.
    • Spatial stability: better than 200 nm at 10K.

    Manufacturing :  AS SPECIAL DEVICES

    High efficiency cooling kit for LSF Flexure bearing cryocoolers

    High efficiency cooling kit for LSF Flexure bearing cryocoolers

    We have developed a coherent set for the heatsinking of the compressor, warm end of the cold finger and housing of the cooler drive electronics. To see the full set details please click here.

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